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Intro Post
[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman

This is my art journal, where I post sketches, doodles, WIPS, and completed pieces. I also occasionally talk of my life, video games, and series I'm interested in.
It is 95% public! Only the super personal stuff is kept private.
I also tend post photos, art, videos outside of an LJ cut, but they won't be big enough to cause a layout to stretch out or anything of course.
Feel free to add me and introduce yourself here, I'd love to get to know you! If your shy, an introduction isn't necessary either.
But if I do not add you back please do not be offended either. ♥

Fanart Requests
[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman
This is a post to open up a FANART request list, but there are some easy rules of course.

1. Just because you request does not guarantee a drawing, but there's a pretty good chance. It depends on how much time I have and if I like the idea, etc. (: I'm going to try to get to as many as I can though.
2. The quality of it will vary, minimum it will be a sketch, maximum it will be a complete CG or natural media piece.
3. I will only take fanart of any character from any series.
4. The fanart list in the lj-cut below is just a list of series I am more likely to draw for, however it does not include all the series. Just the ones that I can remember currently and it will be frequently updated. It is NOT a requirement to pick something from that list, it just raises the chances of your request to be chosen.
5. Your request can be as vague or specific as you would like it to be. Have fun with this or give me something simple, it is all up to YOU. (:
6.Since these are requests expect *~artistic freedom*~. How fancy.
7. I will post the completed in your most recent journal if you are only on LJ, and send it to you if you are on MB or DA.
8. YES. You are allowed to make multiple requests, there is no limit, but please put the requests in separate comments.
9. I will delete comments as I complete a request or during a comment flush, it is nothing personal.
10. Please use the form provided.

Things I MAY NOT/ WILL NOT draw
1. Hardcore explicit material, basically anything R. I do not mind drawing a romantic scene as long as it is tasteful, so anything should be appropriate for someone the age of 16 or lower, possibly 18 depending on the specifics.
2. Yaoi/Yuri. Shonen/Shoujo Ai is fine, but it will be exceptionally light.
3. Mecha is not my strong point, but sometimes I might go for a challenge.

Once again, it is NOT a requirement to pick a series from the list.

Please use this form -
<strong>DA/MB/LJ Screen Name:</strong>
<strong>Details:</strong> Be as specific or as vague as you'd like

Selling Post
[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman
- Shipping from California
- Shipping is based off Media Mail, and is not included in the price
- Paypal preferred, but concealed cash is okay too.
- I won't be responsible for items lost in the mail, however if it is a key chain or print I am willing to send out another one free of charge if it does get lost.
- Prices are negotiable, except on keychains, bookmarks, and prints.
- Bookmarks and keychains are buy 3 get the 4th free, and are interchangeable.

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[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman
Obviously I'm not really here anymore.
Go here.



[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman

Really quick bulleted update for general things, because I really don't have time.

- AX was fun, not selling next year though and not sure if going. Going to hit up small cons around the area.
- UC3 Beta came and went.
- Watched HP2.
- Beat Infamous 2, and Catherine. Both were good games. The hero ending in Infamous 2 smashed my heart into little itty bitty pieces.
- Went to San Francisco a few days ago to hang out with Cindy and everyone.

In actual important news in my life my grandfather on my mother's side passed away. My mother and I are going to fly out this Thursday to see him once more. We're planning to get back on the 20th a few days before classes start. To be honest, I've been wanting to go back for awhile but obviously I was always hoping to go back on better terms, and to be able to see all of my family as opposed to returning because of a loss in the family. When I was younger he always told me stories, taught me how to write Chinese characters, made all of us laugh, and in general just did everything and more you could ever ask from a grandfather. I remember the last time I visited I was a quieter, just from growing older and both of my brothers not coming along too. My grandfather thought something was wrong, or I was unhappy but really I was just happy to be there and see my extended family. Then my cousin showed me a funny photo and I ended up laughing really loud on accident. I remember my grandfather looked to me and just told me that was what made him happiest, just hearing his family laugh and enjoy themselves. I just know I'll miss him a lot, all the things he did for me when I was younger, and everything he taught me.

The past two days were stressful. I found out Saturday night that it had happened and found out Sunday morning my passport had expired. So I called up Nichol's to help me get to SF where I could get a super expedited passport and through begging and pleading I was able to have it done the same day, even though we arrived a little late in the afternoon. Between the time it was being processed we went to a random Cantonese restaurant across the street and had lunch. I introduced Nichol's to actual dim sum. The food was pretty good, because really it was that restaurant or a cafe so I picked the restaurant before ever going there before. We went back to SF today again to get my Visa, and during the wait we ended up poking around the Japantown there, because the Chinese Consulate was right next to it. We had a late lunch and then headed back.

So yea, I most likely won't update again for awhile.

[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman

Fanime was over last week and I forgot to update, but tere isn't really much to talk about besides I sat in AA drawing commissions most of the time and I was super tired.

- I was really really really tired all weeked, and only got aobut 21 hours of sleep for the 4 days.
- I got a lot of "Where did you get that?" for my hoody
- I think I missed visiting some people. OTL; But really the AA was a lot bigger than it was last year and I could barely find people even with them telling me their table numbers.
- Michael and Anthony sat behind me, and at random times during the con Michael free-styled in front of my table to my iPod. He even had a dance battle with another con goer.
- We had an entire row to ourselves, and we basically went spent the con running up and down it pestering each other. Because of the change in layout all rows consisted of six tables, so it fit us perfectly.
- I'm becoming tired of how I work up to sell at and during AA.

I'm starting to become less and less interested selling in AA the way that I sell now. I'm really tired of keeping all the small things organized and doing commissions. From now on I'm going to follow what Nichols did, just dumping everything into bins, labeling the price and letting the buyer kind of have a searching game. I'm also only dropping all my complicated commission junk and just doing $5 single character half page sketches.
I think the main reason I'm tired of selling, or doing all the preparation to do so is because I spend more time drawing fanart for prints then about things that I actually care about, and then most of the time my prints don't move. Predominately I just want to draw my original characters and illustrations about them instead and work to be known about my characters. I know originals almost never sell at cons, but honestly I don't care anymore, since my fanart prints don't really go anywhere, and my main profit comes from small things or commissions. At least if I'm drawing the stuff that I actually want to work on I'll actually enjoy showcasing it more. Don't get me wrong, fanart's fun to draw, but I rarely want to draw and go out of my way complete an image, mostly sketches or doodles.

Also E3? Umm yea Sony kind of amazing! The PS Vita looks so nice omgosh. I was really surprised by it's price tag, the $250 for the wi-fi version considering how much stuff is backed in that tiny thing, cameras, six-axis, two touch screens, REAL analog sticks etc. I'm so glad that the touch screen controls aren't required for the Uncharted game, I'm mean it's nice to make the game easier to play for casuals, but they know not to make it reliant on touch screen though to satisfy the usual audience.
Also a lot of UC3 stuff was shown, and I am so excited for the third game and the multi-player. Naughty Dog really went crazy to get the multi-player more up to date with other competitive shooters.
I'm not sure about the Wii-U yet, predominately because I don't want to invest my hopes into a system that could possibly turn into a magnet for family friendly games and casual gamers like what happened to the Wii. I mean around the launch the Wii was really good, with Brawl, LoZ: Twilight Princess, etc. I'll probably end up waiting a year or two to see what games are made for it since I really want to play a few Wii games, but not enough that I would invest in the system. But wow. It's actually a controller. As for the screen thing it could be really interesting, in a sense it's a large DS for your TV, and you could use it to mark things down on a map etc. There's still motion sensing, but it's not reliant on it as much as the Wii was, and all that stuff depends on execution. Unfortunately though most of the games show in the trailer for the Wii-U were casual games, but IDK it could really go either way depending on what games are made etc.

E3 Etc
- FFXIII-2. YES. OHMYGOSH. And apparently SE is going to keep in mind all the feed back they recieved from the first one.
- Professor Layton 4 is coming out around Fall and I am so ridiculously excited.
- Assassin's Creed: Revelations' trailer was so gorgeous. The scene with Altair across from Ezio was just stunning.
- Overstrike's trailer was really interesting
- Luigi's Mansion 2!! Lol I should replay the first one.
- Cole in the Street FighterxTekken game!? WTH. In a good way.

Lasty, I got a new puppy Saturday. It was really random and half unplanned. I mean I already told my father for our next dog we should get a Shiba Inu about two years ago, so my dad has been constantly looking and he found an ad in the paper adverting 8 week pups the weekend of Fanime and it kind of just went from there. He mostly likely is going to be named Bamboo. He's already somewhat spoiled and a drama queen, but he's unbelievably adorable.
We brought him to Petco today because no one was around to keep an eye on him, and a lot of the shoppers and worker's loved him. (: A lot of "Is he a shiba?!". One guy even asked to show his wife in his car, I went with him too of course to make sure Bamboo was safe. A lot of petting and cooing for him too.

[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman

Tiger & Bunny print.

Yesterday was the last day of instruction, four finals before I can officially say I'm done.

112A really...IDK. Kicked my butt. OTL;
This summer I just need to really relax and spend as much of it as i can focusing on drawing and pushing myself to get better as fast as I can.
I want to work on my own projects too.
Relax...breathe, breathe, breathe, and draw...

[Amatsuki] Toki - &amp;hearts;
Shikomonster 11:43 pm
i was originally just gonna get the oranges but then i remembered i also had nutella and was like oh that sounds tasty
so i got both
Itachoko 11:43 pm
Shikomonster 11:44 pm
JokerKillJoy 11:44 pm
Shikomonster11:44 pm
u jus jelly
JokerKillJoy 11:44 pm
Shikomonster11:44 pm

My other account for our [GURL] clan on Uncharted is "u_jus_jelly".
But [LOSR] JokerKillJoy is always my home.

[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman

Here have some 112A pages.
Scanner still not working, photos warping, etcccc...

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Yesterday Nichols, Nicolette, Justin, and I went to visit hellocheeto and her newborn baby, Rory. '-' Ahhhh omgosh Rory is so cute and they're both healthy and happy. 

The A/I graduating class had their gallery up this week, and obviously it was really inspiring and intimidating. But looking at their work made me kind of figure out that I really want to go into the Visual Development department. It's predominately character, scene, background, object designs etc. I still want to do my own projects on the side too of course, like my own stories and manga/comics and maybe a video game idea that's been in my head f

A few days ago I finally got up the courage to show my 112A instructor my sketchbook, since everyone else in the class was doing it too when they asked for critique on their compositions.
Now that I think about it it was kind of pointless and stupid of me to ask so late into the semester since if I had anything I needed to change I don't have that much time now.  I've only shown him my sketchbook once before at the beginning of the semester.
Luckily my instructor said it looked good and had nice variation of realism, drawings from imagination, and studies. He also asked how long I've been drawing, how was my HS art classes, etc...lol; I hope that's a good sign MAYBE KIND OF?!

TBH whenever I have to show someone my sketchbook especially to instructors or peers I get really nervous. IDK why I get really paranoid about what I'm drawing and have a tendency to freeze up and it's becoming more of a problem lately...I'm starting to think about keeping my sketchbook predominately personal instead of sharing it as much so I can just draw what I want and how I want without worrying about what other's think as much.
In the end though I just have to work harder and draw more. I need to focus and get my act together. I was really having problems this semester because of the 112A sketchbook, not the way it's set up or anything of course. I really love the class and I'm learning a lot, but at the same time just the paranoia from the sketchbook project really dragged me down. I was too paranoid and nervous about everything that I was drawing that I didn't even want to draw in it because I was so worried about what other's would think about what I was drawing and how strong my ability is.
Now that I'm actually thinking about it I realize how dumb it is and how sad it is. Recently I realized that I don't entirely remember what it was like to just draw just because I wanted to and draw what I wanted to draw just because I enjoyed it. It's not about learning the basics either, I actually really enjoy going to figure drawing and representational classes and I've learned a lot since entering SJSU. I guess the easiest way to put is when I was younger and drawing, I didn't really care about the mistakes I made and I was horrible at drawing when I first started but didn't care about it or what others thought about, but now as I've gotten older and I've (hopefully) improved since then I've been more and more scared about what I'm doing and what others think and I've been to nervous to do what I want to do.
It's annoying because this isn't the first time I've admitted this to myself and I haven't fixed it. I *NEED* to stop worrying about what others think, whether it be classmates, instructors, friends, family, and mostly myself and I need to start doing that now. The only thing that's holding me back is my paranoia and worry about others' opinions, comments, and thoughts and I'm the only one that can change that.
It's annoying and repetitive, I always say things like this but I end up not going anywhere and not changing. I can't stand my habits, my fear of failing and my worries.
I really need to focus and get things together. I have a lot of things I want to focus on this Summer, but I'm going to start working on it now as well. Just when summer break finally gets here I want to get comics going at a solid rate and work really hard to keep them going when classes start again in Fall.
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[Orange] Dashu - Waiting for Superman

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So Nicolette, Nichols, and Julie came over to do homework last night but then we ended up predominately not doing homework. I ended up drawing Bravados in everyone's sketchbook.
It's dumb, I've had this character for YEARS and I only recently named her but I still end up calling her "Mafia Girl" without realizing.
I bought a new sketchbook because the one I have for 112A I don't really like what's going on in it, but I usually never do in my sketchbooks either, but everyone else says it's fine. I don't know, whenever I know that I have to show my sketchbook to someone, especially an instructor I get really nervous about what I draw in it and end up hating everything.
Part of me is starting to lean toward keeping my sketchbook private and not sharing it since I worry to much about what other's think. Also recently there was a Pixar presentation at SJSU, and one of the artists said that he actually keeps a sketchbook on the side that he doesn't show anyone because it let's him do whatever he wants without worrying about anything. It's a really good idea I think...and I'll be less worried about what I draw in it too.

ALSO ALSO ALSO. I started watching Tiger & Bunny. OMGOSH IT'S SO. Ridiculous I love it. I think it might be my favourite show this season.

Ordered a pair of Subjekt's BlockParty Headphones, the red and black ones because I like red and I found them for $27 including tax and free shipping.  The sound quality is pretty good IMO but I've mostly used those 5-10$ average ones before. The bass is so so though.

I can't stop listening to this song.

Worse it Gets - Penguin Prison
I’m sorry
I’ll send a photograph
I never think of anything
Until the moment’s already passed

I got a car that I call Jenny
I take her out when there’s too much noise in my head

I’m wide-awake and never sleep
Don’t worry
I can’t control myself
Don’t wanna make another scene
Just wanna become someone else
I can’t decide on anything important
Don’t tell me I’ll forget
I’ve seen my face too many times

So Fanime is in 25 days and I've done really anything, and finals are the week before.


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